Top Five Fantasy Series

Here are 5 of the most impactful series or standalone books I’ve read. This list might change as I read more!


Harry Potter Series.
harry potter Series

This one has become a bit of a cliche for YA  and children’s lit fans but hey that doesn’t make it any less true. J.K. Rowling created a world that most of us would give our left arm to belong to, warts and all. She preaches social inclusion and challenges racism, sexism and prejudices of all kinds whilst simultanously weaving a story that snares the reader and never lets them go. Also Hufflepuff is clearly the best house.


The Lord of the Rings.

Now I know that this isn’t actually a series – Tolkien wrote it as one book and his publisher insisted that it was too large and thus split it in three. But common thought places it in the series category and so for ease of access I’m putting it there too! It’s another staple on a fantasy list but honest to goodness this book has me an emotional wreck when I reread it. I despair of modern times and long for a world where hideous creatures threaten my life daily, there is no plumbing or electricty and a dark lord tries regularly to destroy everything. That’s how incredible a world Tolkien created, the many serious downsides cannot sway me from my deep attachment to Middle-Earth. Every time I think about the elves having to leave their home of thousands of years and Arwen and Elrond being seperated forever, even after death, I cry. A lot.


The Wind on Fire Trilogy.
Wind on Fire

This series by William Nicholson was one of the first I remember really having an impact on my life. It is imaginative and so creatively original that I can honestly say I’ve never really read anything like it since. It explores the horror of a standardised world where people have assigned places and are expected not to stray from them unless promoted. So when Kestral and her beloved twin brother Bowman do stray from the path their entire world is turned upside down. As a creative quirky child these books really appealed to me and have stayed with me throughout my life so far.


The Abhorsen Trilogy.

Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen are the three titles in this wonderful series by Garth Nix. Technically this is a series about zombies and necromancy but it fulfills none of the stereotypical tropes you might expect from a such topic. Nix has created an epic, classy and motivational story that has stature. The magic system is intricate and fascinating and each character has a multifacetedness that completely draws a reader in. I’m a complete sucker for books with societies that expect respect and honour and this is certainly one of those societies. Listen I really can’t explain how good this is. READ IT.


The Wall of Night Series.
Wall of night 12                  Daughter of blood 4

So this is actually an unfinished series, in fact only two books have been published with the third due imminently. But those first two books, especially the second one, are so good that it makes this list. Helen Lowe’s harsh and unforgiving creations, the Derai landed abruptly on the world of Haarth hundreds of years ago fleeing their vicious enemy, the Swarm. They built the Wall of Night and the twelve houses of the Alliance began the long wait for the battle to begin again. But this time will be different, the people of Haarth will not stand by while their land is destroyed by two warring outsiders and there are cracks within the Derai that have widened over time. There are so many angles within this series that it should be complicated and exhusting but Lowe manages to masterfully blend it all together so you aren’t left feeling overwhelmed. The main characters Malian and Kalan have a Yin-Yang sense to their relationship and the supporting cast are magnificant. I have so many favourite characters in this series that I tend so say I love them all so no-one feels left out. All joking aside though this is a series that you NEED to read.